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The Power of Hypnotherapy...

"I was really quite sceptical at first to be honest with you, and I thought I would just laugh when you went to hypnotise me. But the changes after just 2 sessions are amazing! I can't believe the difference, and everyone has noticed!" Alison Gration, Nottm.


The hypnotic state is often described as ‘very relaxed, yet fully alert'. It isn’t the same as going to sleep, so you are aware and in control of everything you do. This state usually feels very pleasant, in fact, it’s a very natural thing that we all do, similar to daydreaming. Statistics say that most of us do it every 90 minutes! Your concentration becomes a little more focused, and your conscious thinking becomes more lucid, helping you to work on the problem without getting anxious or worried about it.


You are guided gently by the hypnotherapist's voice to help you find the answers to your problems. This is an incredibly liberating experience, to be able to feel in control of your own life again, to be back in the driving seat - with YOU being the one to decide what happens next!

The hypnotherapy session will usually last for about an hour and a half, and will involve a good chat on your first visit, which may take up to a couple of hours. We will aim to solve your problems as quickly and effectively as possible, using a variety of techniques and tools, including NLP, TFT and analytical work, as well as hypnosis.

Afterwards, you will usually feel relaxed and refreshed, and will feel benefits from the therapy session very quickly. You will often be given self-help techniques that you can take home and use whenever you need to.



No, you are ALWAYS in control, no matter what you may have seen on the TV or in shows! They are just there to entertain and don't reflect any of the effects of clinical hypnotherapy. This therapeutic technique very gently eases you into a pleasant state of relaxation, so we can work on deeper areas of your consciousness, where all substantial changes take place. At any time you want to stop the session, you will be able to, and you will go as deep as you want. The fact is, that the experience is very pleasant, so you are probably more likely to go deeper than you realise. I always find the nice thing about hypnotherapy is that the subconscious doesn't respond to negative, only positive suggestions and imagery, so the experience leaves you feeling really positive and rested, almost like a good night's sleep.


Yes. You are far more likely to be among the population of people who can be hypnotised. There is more and more evidence to show that anyone, with the right therapist, can positively respond to hypnotherapy, unless you have a few very specific contra-indications*
It's simple very deep relaxation after all, and an experienced therapist will know exactly what to do to help you to relax, even if you're a person that 'doesn't relax easily'. In fact, you're far more likely to let go quicker than one who does as your body will probably be in need of a little 'down-time'!


Once you are in a relaxed state, another part of your mind, the subconscious, is more open to suggestion. The subconscious area runs your body's systems and deep programming responses (especially the fear response, which is why it's so hard to reason fears away), so we use imagery, suggestion, metaphor and other simple, but highly effective tools that help your subconscious diffuse long-held fears, and change habitual behaviours for the better.

All you need to do is be open to the possibility of change, and that deeper part of your mind will do the rest. Even if you are a little sceptical of the treatment (and there's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of scepticism, is there?). It really doesn't matter, as we are utilising a different area of the brain that's not involved in logical reasoning and thinking. The subconscious doesn't contain judgement faculties, it just responds to different messages from you, and acts on them accordingly. So if you change those messages and triggers, using hypnotherapy, that part of your mind will react to those changes.

This is very different from working on the 'surface' conscious part of your brain. Although it is engaged to a certain extent, it is unable to make deep physical changes very easily, so old habitual patterns won't really be helped unless you go a little deeper to 'unlock' them.


Because hypnotherapy addresses issues at another level of your brain, the results are quickly achieved for you. Typically Bridgette works to 3 sessions, as all your sessions will be a couple of hours long. That way, you will notice a much stronger result earlier on in the process, giving us something much more tangible to work with, and you won't need so many sessions either so this makes it much better value for you too. Phobias often take just a couple of sessions, although fear of flying may take a little longer. If you want to find out more, you can give me a ring on 07813 462589 and I will be able to give you a better idea of how many sessions you will need after we have a chat.

***Danni and Mick both work to hour and a half sessions, to ensure a deeper and more noticeable change after each session too

All our sessions will be of similar length, as we don't offer consultation sessions for this reason- when clients come for help, they ask for the hypnosis at that first session, so we make all the sessions longer for you and charge the same price for subsequent sessions so you can take as long as you need without feeling rushed. This gives time for the therapy to be more thorough for you but there is no hard and fast rule - if you need more time, it will be there for you. Please call the Centre for more details.


NLP is a very popular way of helping people to re-frame their ideas and views on a particular situation. It stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which basically means using language in a way that helps you to change your inner view of your life, in a very simple and direct way.


It is a 'tapping sequence' that is used to disengage signals from your 'fight or flight' response, allowing you to feel calm very quickly. It was first designed in the 1950's to help people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. It is now used as a very effective tool in helping with phobias, panic attacks and stress-related situations. It's a very easy technique to learn, and most people find that they can use it in all kinds of everyday situations where you would normally have been stressed or panicking. It stands for Thought Field Therapy and is on the NHS directory as a recognised therapy in it's own right.


2 hour therapy session with Bridgette- £295 (please note these sessions are very intensive and will include self help techniques and home- use therapy support downloads. Depending on your therapy needs, they may also include coaching, lifestyle counselling, strategy planning, NLP and other brain re-training techniques). The price reflects Bridgette long career and experience as a therapist.

2 hour single stop smoking session with Bridgette- £495
2 hour addictions therapy sessions with Bridgette- £395 each *** Addictions therapy sessions are paid for in advance
2 hour weight loss therapy sessions with Bridgette- £325 each
2 hour public speaking/career advancement sessions with Bridgette- £395 each

1 & half hour therapy session with Danni, £125 per session.
1 & half hour therapy session with Mick, £105

***All therapy sessions will include self help techniques and home-use therapy support downloads too.

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