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Hypnosis is the best tool you have for unlocking your own potential. Not only will it help deal with limiting fears that may be holding you back, but it can be a huge catalyst for change in taking your life to the next level.

Giving you 'the edge' in your career whether in making important decisions on how to progress, or to give you the confidence and motivation you need to take yourself forward to the next level. NLP and hypnosis used together are a very powerful combination, and can give you all the tools you need to take you as far as you would like to travel on your career path.


If the fear of speaking in front of others, whether in the workplace or public speaking is holding you back in your career, or you are avoiding situations that call for you to talk to others, then you may find that it can seriously limit your career chances. It can actually stop you stretching your capabilities to your personal best. It's something that can be helped with hypnosis, and you can take a lot of techniques away with you that will help you to feel comfortable and at ease talking in front of others, or speaking publicly. You can learn to feel at ease in all kinds of public speaking situation including:

  • Giving speeches and presentations in front of others

  • Speaking eloquently in interviews

  • Talking in the media on radio or TV

  • Video making

  • Speaking up in meetings


    Exploring your potential is an exciting lifetime journey, and we learn a lot about ourselves when we take on the challenge of personal excellence. Hypnosis can help unlock that potential for change. Helping you to explore any issues that may be holding you back, or helping you vision how the future can be for you and give you the motivation to make it happen.

    You can take your personal excellence to a whole new level in the field of:

  • Sports

  • Writing/Creativity

  • Studies

  • Motivational challenges

  • Personal projects

  • Goal setting

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